Sherlock in OSX...Freezing...?

in macOS edited January 2014
I must say... OSX has been (mostly) rock-solid for me since March of last year... with the exception of initial kernel panics due to SCSI card and/or 2nd video card.

ANYHOW... One app that has consistently given me issues is Sherlock. For some reason, it needs to be "Force Quit" about 60%-70% of the time. It is always during an internet search... it will return only a few results, and the icon stays "red" while the program refuses to quit.

Not quite sure why... anyone ELSE have Sherlock issues...?

- Scott


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    I used to have that problem in OS 8.5, made mestop using Sherlock to search the Internet. It may be related to bad plugins, have you checked your sherlock-plugins if any of them, cause the crash? Try disabling all except one and see if the freeze gets replicated for each of them. Then maybe you should send a bug report to Apple. Otherwise, just disable and delete the offending plugin.
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    I have the same problem with mail on my new TI PB that came with 10.1.2. I have 10.1.3 but haven't applied it yet. Maybe I'll try that tonight and see what happends.
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