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I have just ordered my first Mac (the new iMac)and I am totally unfamiliar with Mac's OS (being a window user for all my life).

any suggestion on books about the OS X?



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    You probably won't need a book. If you already know Windows, the Mac is pretty much a GUI, except far better, more stable, and easier to use and navigate. You won't have any problems. I don't have a book on OS X, and it didn't take me five minutes to figure out how it was layed out. And congrats on the iMac!
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    firehcfirehc Posts: 368member
    so you are a window-turn-mac user as well?

    I take your words for that
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    I moved over just a couple of months ago, love it, and needed absolutely NO manuals...
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    While I appreciate the sentiments of the above, you can never do wrong with getting a book about something new to you. At the very least it will confirm that you are doing things right, and you won't be thinking, am I missing something out here.

    I recommend Mac OSX The Missing Manual by David Pogue (the rest of his books are excellent too). I have learned and am still learning as I go through this book. One thing that it is great for is the little productivity tips for keyboard short cuts, which I'm a heavy user of in Windows, so it's interesting to port it over to a mac and don't have to use the mouse all the time.

    Good luck with the new iMac, it is the first mac I ever bought and I love it (although using them at a place of work for some time), I also went the whole hog and got an iBook and Airport.

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