Problem with File Sharing-Permissions throughout Folders

in macOS edited January 2014
I'm having an odd problem when setting up a Mac Pro with File Sharing. I have a second Hard Drive in it which is a Server Drive to be shared as a networked Hard Drive for both my MBP and my Fiancee's MBP. Here is the problem I have.

I set up File Sharing and set up both her ID and my ID. Since this is done she is able to get to drive from my MBP and she is able to get to the drive from her MBP. I am able to read or write to those folders. She is able to view them but is unable to write to them.

I went to the Server Drive icon on the Mac Pro's Desktop. When I right click and do "Get Info" and select Sharing I can tell her ID is not listed on any of the Folders. She is listed as Read and Write for the entire Hard Drive (which is an internal drive). I am also listed as Read and WRite and then it lists Everyone and says No Access. The same is listed in System Preferences in File Sharing. I have heard this Everyone 'No Access' can cause problems but I prefer not to give access to everyone. The only other option is Read Only and Read and Write. Also, when I have Everyone selected the - sign is greyed out so I'm unable to remove Everyone.

To continue, what is strange is I thought with it saying on the Server Drive itself for my Fiancee, read & write, that it would say this on every Folder inside. Yet when I select any Folder inside on the Server Drive and select Get Info it says for me "Read & Write" and for Staff "Read Only" and for Everyone "Read only" I'm not even sure where Staff comes fro and of course Everyone is Read Only and my Fiancee not even listed. It just seems that these file sharing permissions are not replicated througout all the Folders when I select it for the Hard Drive itself. What could be causing this and how can I get the same to go throughout the Folders? I know manually I could change them all but this would take a long time and likely still be a problem when any additional Folders are added.
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