OSX Server Info Request

in macOS edited January 2014
I know OSX server can store users to be used by multiple computer such as in a lab situation. And that users can then log onto any computer on the network and have all their preferences and information on any of the computers.

What I am wondering is if this goes for files too? I.E., can users access their files just like they would if it was their computer?

The reason I am interested is because there are a surprising amount of people that are using the lab(OS9 as of now) that have a lot of trouble mounting another disk off of the local network. So what they do is just put their files on the computers they are using(which is quite prone to accidental deletion). I would also like to back up all the files on a regular basis quickly and easily. So if the server can automatically store user files created on the computers in a central location then backup would be nice and easy.

Also too, can you delete and or lock user folders so that all their files have to be saved to one folder?

I dont doubt that OSX Server can do this, I know that is what a file server is for, its just that I have little experience with files servers and wanted to double check and know how to do it. Thanks.


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