ASUS Xonar D2X and a Mac Pro

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Does someone know if there's a way to make this pair work? I want a good sound card for my new Mac Pro (currently in shipping) but I don't want to pay for something that will not work. Anyway, if it will only work in windows I don't care but at least, will it work?

The sound card

ASUS don't make OS X drivers for it but maybe Leopard have generic sound drivers. As I said, I'm new in the Mac world so I don't know that much for now.


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    Try sending the card company an email and see if anyone has tried it, or if they have any info about it. Try the forums at You'll have a better chance of someone with this situation in there. You could also look for an Apple music based forum for logic users that would have a lot of users with a great deal of experience with sound hardware. They will have much better information on Apples drivers that work with non supported sound hardware.

    This is primarily a rumor forum. You'd be better off looking somewhere where many people have specific experience with these issues like a Logic users forum for musicians.
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    You could have just checked the ASUS website to see what drivers are available. Only WinXP and Vista for the D2X, I'm afraid.

    However, the Xonar U1 has an OSX driver listed. It's the USB version of this card.
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    I'll send a request to the ASUS web site for a driver. I hope they'll make one.
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    xgmanxgman Posts: 155member
    Not likely, and I find this quite disturbing considering that the D2X is the only pcie card out there suitable. Seems like a marketing mistep by asus quite frankly.
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