nikon ls2000 slide scanner in osX

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The Nikon ls2000 slide scanner is a SCSI device.

According to Nikon, they will not support this device in osX. See this link re SCSI scanners: <a href=""; target="_blank">nikon tech support</a>

Ok, so the dirty rats aren't going to "support" my scanner in osX, but does anyone know if will even WORK? I'm looking to buy a new G4, and upgrade to Photoshop 7, but the whole thing would be pointless if the scanner doesn't even work. I've heard that I could boot in os9 to do the scanning and then re-boot in osX to do the editing, but please, that would be insane. Any help would be appreciated


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    well, typically a lot of hardware still works in OS X.... especially something as simple as a scanner. even if the supplier doesn't say OSX is supported.... they say that probably because they don't have the tech folks on OSX yet.

    buy the damn scanner... if it works, great! if it doesn't, frickin return it.
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    It will work, just not with the Nikon Software.

    That's what they really aren't supporting.

    Check out the VueScan software over at VersionTracker. It works in OSX and supports Nikon Scanners.
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