60 gig ipod ac adapter good for ipod touch?

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Hey all,

I'm about to order the new 32 gig ipod touch. I found out the touch doesn't ship with an ac adapter! Thos bastards! Lol. Hey I love Apple...but come on! You pay $500 for an ipod...you think they'd include a simple device to charge it without a computer! :-)

Anyway its all good.

My question is, I have a 1 year old 60 gig ipod. Can I use the ac adapter for that on my touch?



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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    This is Apple's power adapter for the iPod:

    Link to Apple Store

    Summary of what you'll find at the above link:

    Compatible with "iPod with Video" and "iPod Touch" (etc).

    If you have a third party power adapter, you'll have to go to their site to see with what iPods it is compatible.
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