Ipod Touch Will Not Turn on!

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well i had an ipod touch with worked well but then one day it stopped connecting to my imac. So i took it back to scotsys. They ordered me a new one which took one week. Just today i received the replacement. It was all going well and my music was being transfered, it then finished and i wanted to install 1.1.3, so i clicked update. It then came up extracting software and my ipod turned off and on again, after about 10 seconds an error message appeared on the imac saying that the update could not be completed because of an unknown error. So i unplugged the ipod, plugged it back in and itunes said that it had found an ipod but it needed to be restored, i clicked restore and then i got another error, and the screen of my ipod touch was white with vertical lines in it. Then it turned off and is not recognized by itunes or will not turn on. I have tried the reset ( holding the hold and home button). What should i do? i would preferably not wait another week for a second replacement!




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    hi soz i cant help u but i have same prob my ipod touch will not turn on.i have also tried reset.did u ever solve the prob without having to send it off.thanks
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