Any way to make transparent icons?

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I was trying to replace an icon on a classic app, so that it wouldn't look so ugly in the dock. I made a picture that had some transparency in it. I tried copy and pasting from both a .psd and a TIFF into the info window. It almost worked. The app now has a 128x128 icon, but the trasparency was replaced by white. Is there any way to get the icon to retain the transparency? Alternately, does anyone have an OSX icon for Dreamweaver and/or Flash?


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    You need to save your TIFF's as "enhanced" TIFF's. To do so, go to Photoshop's "save" preferences and tick the box next to "enhanced TIFF" and close it... now when you save a TIFF you have the option to save transparency.

    As for icons, you should use Iconographer from it is THE best at making OS X icons... all you need is a graphic, and a mask and you can make OS X icons in a flash.

    As for your DW and Flash icons, I'd look at for those they have a TON.

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    Icon composer in the dev tools is good for icons as well.
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    Hey mac Guru, where's your sig from?
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    it's a quote from a Philosophy Student at my School.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Mac Guru:

    <strong>it's a quote from a Philosophy Student at my School.

    Mac Guru</strong><hr></blockquote>

    That was a good <a href=""; target="_blank">topic</a> from back in the day.

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    yea im havin those icon wit me..

    i ill jus post all those in a link and will send u the link soon...

    keep updating,, ill send it by this week itself...

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    Very helpful, i was having trouble with this myself.
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