Garageband.....deleting portions of a recording?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi, I am newbie here on the forums, and relatively new to Macs. I would like to use Garageband for audio editing, but I'm at a loss on what I am doing wrong.

When I open Garageband and import a single audio file, I want to have the ability to edit portions of that audio file out (dead air for example). So in order to do that, I open the editing window at the bottom of Garageband, highlight the area I wish to delete, and hit the delete key. The problem, the deletion essentially splits the audio file into 2, and the space where I deleted that portion of the audio file is still there. I have to manually slide the two portions of the audio file together to eliminate the empty space.

I looked on the edit menu, and there is something called "Delete and Move", which based on the help sounds like what I want to accomplish, but this is always grayed out. Any ideas?

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