DVD Player 5.0 (Leopard) isn't playing ripped DVDs

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just upgraded to Leopard and found that DVD Player 5.0 will not play my ripped DVDs. The ripped vob files are grayed out in the Open Media dialog. The ripped DVDs played just fine in Tiger and when I inserted the actual DVD disk the player had no problem with it. Is this a known problem with Player 5.0, or is there a setting I need to make, or do I have to rerip my DVDs under Leopard?

Edit: Never mind.

I found my error. I was trying to open up a file instead of selecting the Video_TS folder.


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    Like if you have the movie folder like MAIN_MOVIE_WS or whatever, you can just open that folder or drag it to an open DVD Player on the dock & press PLAY, you don't have to navigate down to the VIDEO_TS folder anymore.
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