Anybody having problems with iphoto

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I got my mac a while ago when Leopard came out. I was busy archiving my huge music library and just now started archiving my photos using iphoto. Since I started, I kept getting really annoying bugs. I kept thinking that maybe it is a temporary thing but it is always there, somthing different every time. The latest and the worse, one event that I am 100% sure I did not delete or move just disappeared. What makes it even more curious is that the pictures from the disappearing event show when I scroll fast through another event. WTF?? If I make my thumbnails really small, I can see the pictures that disappeared but when I click on them to enlarge, another completely different photo appears.

Anybody have similar problems, or any problems with iphotos?? would it be better not import to iphoto library??

I have tons of photos and I don't want to waste a lot of time archiving them and than having problems with them. Already a week work looks like is going down the drain.


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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    Go look at the apple support forums. Every known problem is posted there by some user.
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    Which version of iphoto are you running?

    The currently available is 7.1.2 (ilife 08)

    Also I agree with the above most if not all answers can be found there.
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    please remove
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