why powermac's will come out at quicktime live

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Alright maybe the reason the powermacs didn't come out today was because maybe apple doesn't like to annouce more then 2 hardware annoucements (which would explain the mid december combo update to the Powerbook)

Remember when the quicktime live expo was cancelled. the press release says it was a stressful time so the set the new date in feb. so did that mean that seybold in september wasn't a stressful time? I think they cancelled quicktime live on purpose because they could release another suprise such as quicktime 6 and the new powermacs together.

or they could on February 22 release the new powermacs at seybold which there still is a half-hour TBD. the funny thing about the seybold is that its not on its hotnews page but its listed as a trade show.


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    The new QuickTime and MPEG will be the big things at QuickTime Live. I can't imagine them introducing new PowerMacs at a Quicktime conference.
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    the only reason i think they would release the powermac at quicktime live would be to show off the power of encoding the new format, was it mpeg 4?
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    There is a rumor of hardware based Quicktime/MPEG decoders from the Raycer people. Some sort of a graphics chip to speed things up. IF it's true, and IF the new PowerMacs are going to have it, I can't think of a better place to release them.
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    i agree with bunge because we haven't seen any fruits from the raycer buyout and that would be a pleasant suprise.
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member
    Yes, Bungee got to it first, but the only reason I see would be for mobo, hardware support for QT. Right now it is with QT that Apple will make a big impact on the PC world, more than hardware.
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    jayjay Posts: 27member
    As someone said in another post, Apple probably doesn't want to make a big event over breaking the gigahertz barrier. Even though that's great for us, it looks awfully slow when compared (number to number) to Intel/AMD processors.
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    Faster G4s aren't a big event, but G5s would be...with iMacs sporting 800 MHz G4s, I think it's going to be soon that the Powermacs get G5s.

    Some people are saying that the Powermacs will get Apollo G4s, THEN move on to G5s. I disagree. I think that the G5s are for the Powermacs, and the Apollos are for the Titanium and the iMacs. And I suspect that Apollos and G5s will be ready about the same time. Moto has been working on the G5 longer than they have the Apollo, since they apparently began work on the G5 as soon as the problems began with scaling the G4.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    JD, I hope you are right

    Seeing the iMac for the prosumers is making me a jealuos pro-user
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    o and ao and a Posts: 579member
    kid red what do u mean faster g4s are nothing special

    what if they somehow got them upto 1.6 ghz?

    is that not an increment in speed by a factor of 2 in say 8 months or so

    thats pretty good i'd say

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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Even if there isn't a mobo specific part, IF Apple's next chip is the G5 then the video crowd is a pretty good place to show it.
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    kid red what do u mean faster g4s are nothing special

    what if they somehow got them upto 1.6 ghz?


    The current 7450 G4 cannot scale past 1 GHz...apparently there is a problem even getting it to 933 MHz.

    The Apollo G4 will reach 1 GHz, the one report on it that I saw had it clocked to 1000, 1133, and 1266 MHz. That's the most optimistic estimate of G4 speeds I've ever seen.

    So for brain-sizzling speeds, Apple is going to need the G5, which reportedly is scaling to 1.4-1.6 GHz quite well, and some chips are coming off the line that clock over 2 GHz.

    It's going to be a big event, when the G5 powermacs are unleashed. I have no doubt that Apple will have the largest update in clockspeed in their history with this G5. And really, they have no choice. Apple has fallen so far behind that the second a faster chip is available, they MUST use it. Even if it means making the high end dual 800 MHz G4 powermac entirely obsolete, Apple must use the fastest G5 chips they can obtain.
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    Seybold New York, Feb 19. Bank on it.

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    moazammoazam Posts: 136member
    [quote]Originally posted by suckfuldotcom:

    <strong>Seybold New York, Feb 19. Bank on it.


    BANK on something that Apple will possibly deliver? Hahaha! YOU bank on it and have fun with the chances of being broke.

    Bank on it..bahaha....amazing.

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