Sony Ericsson Announces iPhone Killer

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Well, they announced "Xperia".

Let's see the marvelous innovation here.

"In fact, the handset has a custom user interface--consisting of 9 square icons that Sony Ericsson calls panels"

"The handset itself has a resistive 3-inch VGA touchscreen atop an optical navigation pad; the display slides sideways

in a gently curved arc (and changes screen orientation to landscape mode) to reveal a roomy QWERTY keyboard"

"Ultimate mobile experience: With Windows Mobile, the highest data transfer rate (HSDPA/HSUPA) and WiFi support, you

can enjoy your favorite entertainment and work efficiently on the move. Mobile access to everything that is important to you.

A GPS gives you the freedom to explore the world. XPERIA X1 is a premium mobile experience."

"People should be able to have phones that deliver what they need throughout the day and stay connected with today’s

broad array of on-demand information and entertainment no matter where they are"

Pics coming.GPS, Wifi, 3G, and 3MegaPixels is interesting, I must admit... However...


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    In all seriousness, I don't own an iPhone since I am in Asia right now, and,

    I have a Sony Ericsson phone. I will *never* use anything else, aside from iPhone.

    However, given the next step in the evolution of Sony E's is Windows Mobile,

    time for me to sh1tcan this whole brand. Sad day for me, honestly.

    Nokias are an option but they are so clunky and stuff.

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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 2,001member

    The announcement was very light on details.




    Battery life?


    Even the released video shows absolutely nothing about the device itself (unless it really sends glowing paper airplanes around the city).

    I'm sure people will immediately start comparing the iPhone and its new Killer, but it seems useless at this point. We don't know anything except that S-E has a good rep for its phones and MS makes the absolute best... Zune out there...
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    I'd love if they actually had the balls to stand on stage and demo it for an hour like the iPhone, then we'd truly get to see how bad this phone really is.
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    I'm sure some people will like this but the simplicity of the iPhone design is much more desirable to me. That device looks more complicated to me and I read at Ars that it has 4 ways to 'interact' with it.

    Why the hell would someone want 4 ways to 'interact' with their phone? I would say it's DOA but if it's cheap I'm sure it'll do well.
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    It's going to be some time before anyone has a device that can compete with the iPhone. It took Apple a long time to develop the iPhone, even with their highly synergistic product development. Plus, no one seems capable of duplicating OS X.

    As much as I bash the iPhone for running lousy technology on a lousy network, it's clear that the iPhone will be 3G/3.5G before any other 3G phone has the capabilities of the iPhone.
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