New Airport Update 2.0.2 ?

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Has anyone installed Airport software update 2.0.2 under OS 10.1.3 ?

What is the it safe ?


Chicken Adam

(should this be OS X, software, or hardware ?)


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    skipjackskipjack Posts: 263member
    [quote]Originally posted by Adam11:

    <strong>What is the it safe ?


    I installed it both under OS X and 9.2.2. It seems to be safe. No problems noted after running for about an hour.
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    adam11adam11 Posts: 163member
    Skipjack, thanks. Can you tell me if this is just an update for the Base station, or will i need to run it on every computer on my home net to update airport cards as well ?

    ABS only, or card update too ?


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    skipjackskipjack Posts: 263member
    You can find more info here:

    <a href=""; target="_blank">MacNN thread</a>

    (Other perspectives from people who might be more experienced than I.)

    In summary, it seems to be an update for the software only and does not directly affect the cards or the base station.
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    adam11adam11 Posts: 163member
    I installed it on all of my Macs.... it updated the Airport utility to 2.0.2 but when I opened the utiliy it did not seek to upload any update to the aBS......

    What exactly is supposted to happen ?

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I know nothing was uploaded to my non v2.0 basestation.
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    skipjackskipjack Posts: 263member
    I have seen no favorable or unfavorable comments anywhere.

    You've probably already read this, but just in case you missed it because the beginning duplicated the summary of changes:

    AirPort 2.0.2 upgrades the original 40-bit AirPort Cards to a new version of the card firmware. Features include 128-bit encryption and Cisco LEAP support allowing you to join a wide variety of secure networks.

    Customers using earlier versions of the AirPort Base Station can also upgrade their base station firmware by launching the AirPort Admin Utility. Upgrading your base station gives you compatibility with America Online (AOL).

    Note: Earlier versions of the AirPort Base Station cannot be upgraded to 128-bit encryption. Only Apple AirPort cards can be upgraded by this utility. For other AirPort compatible wireless cards, contact the manufacturer for their most current updates.

    This version of AirPort is compatible with AOL 5.0 in the U.S. only. Simultaneous sharing of an AOL connection requires multiple AOL accounts.


    About AirPort 2.0.2

    System requirements

    This version of the AirPort software requires Mac OS X v10.1 or later and one of the following:

    ? An AirPort-ready computer with an internal AirPort Card

    ? A PowerBook G3 computer with a Lucent WaveLAN or Orinoco PC Card

    Note: There is a separate Mac OS X installer located on the AirPort 2.0 CD.

    Third-party wireless networking cards

    If you have a wireless networking card from another manufacturer in your PowerBook, you can not use the AirPort software (except the AirPort Admin Utility). Use the software that came with your card to access an AirPort network.

    Internet service provider (ISP) compatibility

    Wireless Internet access requires an AirPort Card, an AirPort Base Station, and Internet access (fees may apply). Some ISPs are not currently compatible with AirPort.

    For more information on using AirPort with your Internet account, contact your ISP or go to Apple's AppleCare Knowledge Base:

    For in-depth information on configuring AirPort networks, see the document "Designing AirPort Networks 2" found on the AirPort software disc.

    To ensure you have the latest version of this document, check Apple's AirPort Web site:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

    Upgrading to AirPort 2.0.2

    There are two steps involved with upgrading to AirPort 2.0.2

    1. Upgrade the AirPort software on your computer.

    2. Upgrade the software on your AirPort Base Station.

    To upgrade the software on a base station that has previously been configured, do the following:

    1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the AirPort network created by your AirPort Base Station.

    2. Open the AirPort Admin Utility.

    3. Select your base station from the list.

    4. Click Configure.

    A dialog prompts you to upload the new software. After the software has been uploaded, the base station restarts.

    © 2002 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. AirPort, Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, and PowerBook are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    America Online is a servicemark of America Online, Inc.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I gained all this functionality with the older 2.0 update. Oh well.
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