Can I disable internal keyboard/trackpad on MBP?

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Unfortunately my MBP has a serious issue with it's keyboard. Some keys such as the 0 and I no longer work. I was able to use a external USB keyboard to get around this problem. I don't think the Trackpad is having problems but since I have a mouse I use that. The problem is sometimes some keys are sticking so I can be in the middle of a Word document and my a key will start repeating that I'm not typing so the external Keyboard doesn't help in that case.

Since my MBP is over a year old it's not under warranty. I went to the Apple Store today and they can replace the keyboard for $150 plus labor in addition to it. With the new MBP's just around the corner I want to wait and upgrade to that so honestly, I just want life support now for my MBP until then. Is there any way I can disable the built in keyboard and just use the external USB keyboard for now? Is there some type of setting in the preferences or even a program I can use? I would imagine I can open it up and maybe pull a plug but I want to avoid this and don't what else may stop working.


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    In the System, there is setting for Keyboard & Mouse. Under the trackpad tab, at the bottom of the window is a setting to ignore the trackpad when a mouse is attached. And under the keyboard tab, while there isn't a setting to disable the keyboard, there is a slider at the top right, where if you set it all the way to the left, it will turn of key repeats.
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    Thanks. I just tried that. Probably not as nice as turning it off but definitely a great option with the key repeat issue.
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    I just replaced my hard drive and one of the steps was to disconnect the mouse and keyboard ribbon cable. Which I didn't do because I just tipped it up and rested it on the LCD.

    Look at any interal HD replacement how to for the MBP and you'll see how to just unplug the thing. You might be able to just buy a new one and replace it.
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