.mac won't sync mail accounts

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I am transferring all my information from my MBP to my new Mac Pro and set up .mac so that I could transfer my bookmarks, mail, etc. settings. So far it seems that everything has transferred fine. I may be overlooking something but the one big problme I have is with mail. It transferred over my .mac email but I have a comcast email plus 4 email addresses for my business which are very important. I have it set up on both my MBP and my Mac Pro to transfer mail accounts. Is there any reason it won't do this?


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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    Do you want to transfer mail settings, or mails "content"...

    .mac actually does not allow to synchronise mailbox contents. You can only synchronise mailbox settings and filtering rules.
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    I wanted to transfer the actual mail accounts. It is IMAP mail so I know then all the email will come in.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Is your MBP Tiger and your new Mac Pro Leopard? I ask because I am having problem setting up an IMAP account using Leopard Mail. I suspect that my problem is the ports that Mail is trying to use. But unfortunately my requests for server information from my ISP is bouncing back at me. So I have not been able to confirm my suspicion. (I have been using POP3 so I do not trust my current setting.)
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    Both machines are Leopard
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Originally Posted by markw10 View Post

    Both machines are Leopard

    Did you check your ports? (Preferences > Accounts > Advance) Are they both the same? And can you share them? My .Mac account uses port 143, whereas Mail is using port 993 when it tries to establish a connection with my ISP. I really would like to know which port I should use.
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    I haven't checked the ports but will look at that now.
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