Gamepad Companion and 10.5.2

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Ok, so for some reason the Gamepad Companion daemon has decided to stop launching whenever I boot up my computer since 10.5.2 came out. Any ideas for a workaround or as to how I can force the daemon to start?

For those of you not in the know, GPC lets you map extra mouse buttons to do things like go back and forward in applications and the such.

Or maybe someone knows of an alternative to GPC for remapping mouse buttons?

I guess I should also add that it works fine whenever I physically launch the startup application or open up the preference pane, but it just doesn't want to start up with the computer even though it's in the "stuff I want to launch when I log in" list.


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    OK, let's try this. I need some way (script?) to load an application on boot without using the Login Items list (since this doesn't seem t be working for me...).

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