Question about Webcam usage with External Camera

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I purchased a Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision recently and can't get it to work on my Mac Pro. I see no sign it's recognizing it. I thought for awhile maybe I have a faulty camera or even a version of the Ultra Vision that may not support UVC. I was just in an Apple Store today and saw a Quickcam Ultra Vision MP but from what I've read on Google this is the exact same model as I have, just repackaged for Apple.

My question, once I did more research I often saw it referred to as being used with iChat. I can't even find iChat on my computer and not sure what happened to it but I don't need it for iChat usage. I want it a lot for use with PhotoBooth and also I want it for security use. One use I'd use it for is since this computer is in the office I'd like to be able to view the camera from my home where it would have a view of the office. I have heard there are programs such as Evocam that use it. Because of that iChat usage isn't of much use to me. Does the Ultra Vision work with PhotoBooth? I'm unable to get it to work with PhotoBooth so am not sure if it's the camera or just PhotoBooth. Also, if this isn't going to work with it what is another camera I should look at? One I have considered it the XBox 360 Live Vision. I don't like that it doesn't have a microphone but I know I can purchase a Microphone separately. Would it work with Photobooth or these others? Also, what about the Sony EyeToy or the newer Sony PS3 Eye or even some of the other Logitech cameras?
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