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Hello, Im a professional videographer, as well as an independent filmmaker. I am writing because i am about to purchase a few of the new Apple Mac Pro's for my studio and i am contemplating buying the Quadro fx 5600 with the machines. I work with Final Cut Studio extensively (i.e. Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color, Compressor). Also, i work with Maya and Shake part-time. I am wondering about the amount of GPU power that the Quadro 5600 will bring me in my applications; mostly rendering, compressing, and encoding Uncompressed HD. Im working with DVC PRO HD mostly, cameras with genlock and i do all my professional work in Final Cut Studio (with some Shake and Maya) and previously Adobe Premier and After Effects. What i am looking for is speed, reliability, and quality out of these machines. Is the Quadro fx 5600 going to give me exceptional performance increases in render speed, RAM consumption, and effects work? If so, in my situation would it be smart to choose this card over a lower-end "gaming card" like the Geforce 8800GT? I figure looking at benchmarks, opinions and forums on mediocre sites is wasting my time, so a professional could assist me with the issue at hand. Thank you for your time.


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    Quadros have some benefits for apps like Maya - things like viewport anti-aliasing, but as gaming cards have become more powerful, you may find that the huge expense of a quadro isn't worth it. The nvidia site has a PDF that goes through the differences in detail and what benefits you get from a Quadro:


    I use most of those apps myself and I have never felt the need for a quadro. A 512MB 8800GT has enough video memory for Motion and is fast enough to support complex 3D scenes. I get on just fine with a 256MB Geforce 6600.

    The majority of those apps are software based anyway and make hardly any use of the GPU at all.

    If you see any benefits in the PDF above and money is no object then by all means if it makes life easier but otherwise, the 8800GT is a very powerful card.
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