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So, I was just sat looking at my new MBA and just behind it was my 160Gb iPod Classic, I got to thinking. I only have about 70Gb of stuff on my iPod and I've already nearly filled my 80Gb on the MBA (P2V'ed a work windows laptop for Fusion!). So I'm thinking, can I just pop both of these things open and do a swap? is that a good idea at all? Or would it be easier to just get hold of a new 160GB 1.8 PATA disk, if so who's selling?



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    londorlondor Posts: 256member
    You can't. The 160GB HD has two platters making it thicker than the 80GB so it does not fit in the MBA.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    You need to trim that 80 gig drive down. It is meant to hold only what you need when you are carrying it, not your entire desktop contents.

    You can either use Finder search to look for files greater than 1 gig or 500 MB, or download the Whatsize utility from and it will show you what size everything is.

    Known space-eaters are GarageBand's loops and iDVD templates. You can also remove languages that you do not use and printer drivers that you don't need. Delete disk images that you can always download again. Get rid of movies that you already watched. Delete Previous Systems left over from Archive and Install. Don't make a local copy of your iDisk.
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    If the 160GB was possible at the time of launch, something tells me Apple would have made it an option.

    The 80GB 1.8" drives shrunk, so will the 160's. Give it time.
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    The next "milestone" for 1.8" hard drives is the 120GB platter, sometime in 2008.
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