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Is it possible to enable .1q trunking on the gig port on a Ti?


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    kaboomkaboom Posts: 286member
    Well, if you calibrate the default hydro-emulator and set the resonance level above <sum> then a minor tweak to the jurassic capacitor should have you up and running.

    Obviously I haven't the slightest notion of what you are talking about
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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    I would say bugger off, but your reply did mean my question went to the top of the screen again; therefore making it more likely to be answered by someone who knows the answer, so thanks
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    Okay, forgive my ignorance, but why would one want to enable .1q trunking on the gig port on a Ti?

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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
    What is ".1q Trunking" and why do I want it?
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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    Why .1q?

    For efficient video streaming using multicast over MPLS using ISIS.

    Why on a Ti?

    'Cos it's the only gig apple I've got until the MP1K's arrive

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    I think you are a bit confused. You need two separate ports to set up .1q. Typically these will be of the same kind to be supported (both on the host and by the switch).

    There's no built-in support in OS X for trunking. Even "real" server OS:s like Solaris requires additional trunking software to support it (it's really primarily a feature for inter-switch communication, using it on a server host is really mostly a cool hack).

    Forget it, be happy with your 1000BASE-T.
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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    Sorry to be rude Bishop but that's simply not the case, I know exactly what I'm talking about as we use single-adapter NT boxes at the moment with no extra software (bar appropriate NIC drivers). I don't want to do switch to switch trunking (obviously), I simply wish to multicast down to multiple vlans simultaneously without incuring routing latency.
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    If you only require to broadcast out multicast traffic, I fail to see the requirement for trunking. (nothing stops you from sending out mc traffic for multiple mc groups on the same interface)

    For high-end applications multi-interface trunking is used on hosts as well (in essence presenting the .1q trunk to the OS as one interface).
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