moving iphoto library into aperture 2 and reorganizing images

in Mac Software edited January 2014

i have moved all of my iphoto library into aperture 2, and am gradually working out the difference between the various methods of organizing images (events, projects, albums and folders). i realize that an image can only be in one project, so this seems like the obvious place to start. i am thinking of having one project for each of the main categories of my images, and then albums within these categories. probably i will have no need for folders using this method. i like the thumbnail view when i select 'all projects' and wonder if there is a way of only viewing a subgroup of projects in this way (other than the favourites method - i would like several subgroups), or of viewing the albums in a project in this way (e.g. by selecting the project on the left and getting one thumbnail for each album in the main window), or can i only use the folder view on the left to select albums?

also, is there a way of creating a smart album that will contain all of the images that i have not yet moved to an album?


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