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I wonder if anyone else has had any similar experience with iChat 4.0.2.

I am trying to screen share another machine over the internet (I have got it working on both machines behind the same router). I can get Video and all other functions to work.

I have screen sharing enabled in the ichat video menu and in the sharing preferences.

Imagine it's a router issue - but not sure what ports are needed to be open - at least that are different to the video settings.

Anyone with any experience with a similar issue?



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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    I was getting timeout errors when trying to use video iChat with someone in Hong Kong, and it was working fine with friends of mine in the UK.

    The problem turned out to be bandwidth related. I went into the iChat prefs, set the limit to 1MB and it worked fine after that.
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    thanks for the reply - it's odd that I can get Video to work in this instance but not screen sharing though.....?
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    I'm having exatly the same issue.

    Screen sharing works fine, on the same network ( using AIM or bonjour)

    Accross the internet we can video and voice chat, but not screen share. It is selected as it should be under video.

    When we try we get the permission asking if we want to share screens and then it fails.

    Any ideas most welcome.


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