Mouse tracking problems?

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Has anyone else noticed that the tip of the pointer is not too accurate under OS X? Here's what I mean: go to the bottom of a window with your mouse. Move it almost to where it should click outside of the window and click. See if it clicks outside it or not. Continue this process until you get to the point where it clicks outside of it. I used to think that it was just me, but I'm beginning to realize that there's a problem with the precision of the pointer (only on the tip) in OS X. Or maybe it is just me


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    I imagine it still works like it did in OS 9... or at least similar. If you opened up the Finder in ResEdit I think, you could find the exact pixel of the pointer that was the "hot spot" for where it would actually click... at any rate, it all has to do with where apple set it in X. I don't think it ever was the exact tip of the pointer arrow...
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    It's the exact top-left tip of the black portion of the pointer. The white part's just borders to make the pointer more visible on a dark background.

    Note: And that's how it's always been on MacOS.. The Windows pointer's a whole other deal though, the click-spot's placed at an arbitrary distance from the top-left corner of the mouse. It's hideous.

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