Amazon Kindle's comments - need your help !

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Hi everyone,

I'm a student in marketing and I have to study the consumer behaviour about Amazon's Kindle for my class project.

I have to make a primary research about the kindle and if you don't mind, I would like to ask some questions about it in order to get a sample of consumers' views.

Could you please tell me if according to you :

- Could this product continue to be successful ?

- What can be done to ensure that success ?

- What are the advantages of Kindle compared to Sony's Reader ?

- Will the current success take the same path as digital music (iTunes) ?

- Will this product be the catalyst for books to become obsolete ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your understanding and your help.

This little questionnaire is anonymous, but i'll be glad if you could provide me your gender, age and occupation, though it's not compulsory.


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