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What is the best OS X utility to use for automatic unix cron tools? Basically I'm looking for something that I can set up once for automatic operation, and forget about it. I would also prefer a freeware version, but whatever is best.


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    akacakac Posts: 511member
    Just look online for how-tos on launchd. Its not hard.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    launchd is the OS X mechanism for this.

    You can get the free utility "Lingon" to facilitate setting up these tasks.

    Basically, you make a property list (with Lingon) that then gets put in the following folder:


    launchd scans this folder frequently and runs those tasks that need to be run.

    Lingon can be obtained at .

    It will take care of making the property list and putting it in the right place, but you have to make whatever script or application that is going to be run. You can specify an existing script or application, of course, by giving the path to it.
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