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Just downloaded this brand new version of Snax. It's a Finder "replacement" and it's just incredibly nice to brows the harddrives now. I give this 10 out of 10. Anyone here been using it? It can be found <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>

And a screenshot is <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>

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    I've tried it since it was beta and still don't like it. Blech. Its interface leaves a LOT to be desired. It looks so... hrmm... lacking a better word, I'd say "un-Apple".

    Fast? I get a spinning disc while waiting for it to load my Applications folder. That is a sign of a very poorly threaded app. It's only fast if you turn off the icons.

    No thank you, I'll pass.
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    Funny you find it slow. I actually find it fast on my iMac DV SE, more responsive and Mac-like than the OsX finder. But of course it's all down to personal preference. I also think it's so cool to be able to launch apps from a Menu bar. But I still miss my old Os9 favourit, 'TaskMenuBar'
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    I suppose it should be worth noting that I have 72 items in my Applications folder that include 3 aliases, 8 folders, 1 html file, 13 traditional applications, and 47 packaged application. Perhaps it's choking on all those packages; I just don't know. It's speedy mostly everywhere else, though. I'm using a dual 500 G4.

    One thing I don't like is how it's all so small with my monitor at 1280x960. I'd be much happier to see the list view with "taller" items. Perhaps have an option to show the icons at 32x32 and size up the text accordingly.

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    I've used it to, and it certainly gives OS X a little more of a 'professional' feel, as opposed to the current finder, which still feels too limiting and "consumerish", to coin a word. Although I like a lot of what it does, I'm still sticking with the current Finder...
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    I like it. Wish I could make it open Snax window when 2*clicking an HD icon. But I find it very Mac like, more so than the OsX finder
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