UK iPhone owners-- advice?

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I'm really trying to approach this without a "grabby" state of mind or a "omg, it's apple, so I want it", one. So any advice/insights/knowledge on the following points would be handy

1. How happy are you with O2 as a company? Are they easy to deal with? I only have knowledge of 3.

2. I'm a 21 year old Uni student who travels quite a bit across England, this is one of the really big points I want an iPhone for. But what about outside of England, as in Sweden/Mainland EU? Does anyone have experience with their phone there, and if so, details would be lovely!

3. One big thing I'm worried about is having it stolen. I've never been mugged before, and I travel in London quite a bit, so the chances of it happening isn't exactly nil. Have you had any problems with this, or any suggestions?

4. Overall, how do you like it as a piece of equipment? Have you been generally satisfied with it as a phone?

5. Last but not least, the "Unlimited" EDGE use makes me wonder if anyone has ever had problems due to Fair-Use policy?

Any information would be greatly valued. I plan on going to O2 tomorrow and checking it out in person but you know how retail can be sometimes. ;/ I doubt I'll be switching yet for a couple of weeks (yay for friends and family discount!)


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    02 Have amazing customer support, whenever I have an issue (which is rare) they normally pick up within a few seconds. I'm a constant user of Youtube and have never hit any sort of snag with the unlimited data. I'm massively satisfied with the mobile phone I think it is the easiest simplest phone I have ever used. I took the phone home to sign up to the contract using iTunes and was up and running within 5 minutes of signing up.

    If you're worried about getting it stolen, 02 offer mycare insurrance which is 7.50 a month and in my view it is well worth it seeing as my first one got dropped into a puddle

    They also offer unlimited bundles for things such as texts, 02 to 02 calls, evening calls, landline calls and discount roaming calls.

    Fantastic phone and great service from o2, now I see why apple chose them above all the other possible mobile phone networks.
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    1) I'm reasonably happy. My only complaint is that I'd wish they had a lower tariff with fewer texts and minutes.

    2) I used the phone in Hong Kong last year and it worked without any problems. It was extremely expensive though I didn't bother trying to use any of the roaming data options, but connecting to wifi networks was a breeze.

    3) Same tips which apply to any iPod owner - don't flash it around late at night or in a dodgy area. Buy a case so it's not so obvious that it's an iPhone. Get 3rd-party headphones that look cheap and nasty.

    4) I love it. Best piece of technology I ever bought. It's completely replaced my old iPod, old phone and even my PowerBook G4.

    5) "Unlimited" does now actually mean "unlimited". The 200MB limit was scrapped some time ago. That said, I don't think there is any way I'd download over 200MB in a month over an Edge connection.
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    I have used well over 200mb data a couple of times and it wasn't a problem.

    I use the internet constantly when I'm on the train/bus etc...

    The phone really is great and the features that people whine about missing should arrive in some form or another very soon so I don't really think it should be of concern.

    It has replaced my laptop too!! I have a 24" iMac at home for editing etc and I use the phone for mobile internet surfing, email, videos, music and note taking.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a Mobile Pages/Word App with some formatting options and a way to save/upload files so it can be used as a mobile blogging tool etc

    It's great now and it's only going to get better

    PS: 02 are great. People have problems with all service providers but i have been with them for years and they are always quick to respond and extremely helpful
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