MBP harddrive capacity

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i currently have a 15" macbook pro with 120gb of harddrive space. i only have 40gb of space remaining due to 4000 songs and installation of the following apps (CS2, STUDIO8, Final Cut Express, and Logic Express). is it common to run out of hard drive space when running these apps and media (4000 mp3's)?


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    Media, media, media. Wait until you really start adding your videos. If your into media (music, photos and videos) be prepared to be adding some large hard drives to your system.
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    I'm in the same boat with my 15" MBP, except that I only have a 100 GB hard drive. I was down to about 600 MB before I started removing some movies and videos off to my home NAS. But I still can't get more than about 10% free. So now I'm looking at replacing my disk since I really don't want to be carrying around an external one.

    Incidentally, when I was at the local Apple store asking about options to replacing my hard drive (basically NONE from Apple), the genius said I needed to get more than 10% free or I'd risk damaging the disk itself. Something about always writing to the same spot on the platter.
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