Bottom part of iPhone screen doesnt work!!!

in iPhone edited January 2014
Well I have heard of this happening but I was the victim to it starting yesterday. The bottom portion of my screen is unresponisve to touch. I can not text message or use the space bar.

The screen is in perfect condition and looks great but the touch sensor went out. I use this phone business so I just don't know how I can get this repaired while going without a phone?

Has this happened to anyone here? What should I do and will Apple step up to the plate and help me? How long will it take?

Thanks for the help!


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    Same thing happened to me a few months after I purchased my iPhone.

    Took it in to the Apple Store and they replaced it within minutes, free of charge.

    Every Apple product comes standard with a one year warranty that covers these types of issues.
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    It also happened to me

    In the event the Apple store is far from you:

    I contacted support in one day they sent me a replacement service-phone at no charge and a pre-paid shipping box to send my phone in to them. After a few days they sent me a brand new iphone and asked me to send the service-phone back to them is a pre-paid box.
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