where to get the apple bluetooth headset on the cheap?

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The apple bluetooth headset seemingly cannot be purchased on Amazon or Newegg, etc. I don't want to pay full price and dont want to look like a cyborg. Anyone find one for a more reasonable price? Thanks!


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    I'll sell you mine if you want it. The thing doesn't work worth a crap. I gave up and bought another Motorola ear piece. The Apple one was full of static, had a roar when I was driving (that made it very difficult for people to hear me speaking), and would drop connection when I put my iPhone in my pocket while talking on the phone.

    I can walk 30 feet away from my iPhone and the Motorola has only a slight amount of static. I couldn't separate the iPhone from the Apple ear piece by a foot without it getting a ton of static.
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    I had pretty bad luck with my first one, too. The static was consistent and I couldn't have a clear conversation with the iPhone in my pocket. I exchanged it later and the new one I got performs much better, though I still occasionally have to deal with static. If someone is having too much trouble with one of these guys they should take it back for exchange under the warranty.

    That said, I wouldn't call this a stellar product.
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    The headset don't seem very good.
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