Trouble with Dreamweaver images in the program layouts

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have been using Dreamweaver 8 for about one year, and used the previous programs many more years. I am very familiar with the settings, and how to link images. I have many web sites I have designed, and enjoyed using Dreamweaver ? until about two weeks ago.

I opened the program and layout to one web site I had just opened the day before. NO IMAGES SHOW UP AT ALL IN THE LAYOUT!!! Worse yet, the image buttons, etc in the Dreamweaver program also show broken links. First thing I did was check the broken link menu. NO BROKEN LINKS.

I AM puzzled by this problem. I even reinstalled the program twice. I can only think there is a connection between the broken images and the recent installation of QuickTime Pro, because I installed it about the time I started to experience these problems. Everything else works fine, but without the layout images, such as the code button, and layout button (shows a broken link), and with out each little image showing in the inspectors box, such as the little envelope image, or the picture image, etc, it is really tough to work in this program.

No changes took place when I reinstalled the program.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this or what the problem might be. I already went to Adobe and downloaded a trial version of Dreamweaver CS3. The download trial version would not open for me after I installed. I wanted to see if it would show up correctly, but now I don't know, because it keeps closing after I click the "trial" button.

Would appreciate your input. Thank you.[email protected]
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