The xMac.

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I've done some thinking. After a while I concluded that Apple will indeed build an xMac, but with a twist. It, like all of Apples products, will already have everything you need so there won't be a need for upgrades or expandability. They might make it a little more user friendly for swapping the HDD out or something.

I see it as more of a High-end consumer Mac. Kind of a Mini-on steroids, perhaps in a cube form. In other words, a gaming Mac for those who want the elegance and power of a Mac/OSX.

I don't see Apple making a pure mid-tower, but the more I think about it, there is a market out there for a small Mac (cube sized or smaller) with killer graphics card & perhaps a slot or two for expandability. And we know Steve has a thing for Cubes!

Something like this:


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    Oh FFS!
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    Originally Posted by krispie View Post

    Oh FFS!

    FFS? sorry, i'm not up with my l337 sp3ak or ebonics... can you define please?
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    Originally Posted by mdotdubz View Post

    FFS? sorry, i'm not up with my l337 sp3ak or ebonics... can you define please?

    There are already many threads discussing an Apple mini tower.

    In fact ... you already started a thread in this forum (entitled: Will Never Happen!) in which you state the following:


    3 things that people ALWAYS talk about in every thead that I think will NEVER EVER EVER happen:

    2) A headless xMac. An Apple consumer-focused Mid-Tower. In a way a cheaper Mac Pro, just not Pro. What would it really be? A Dell box designed and branded by Apple. I know tons of you out there wish you could throw in a better graphics cars into a Mac Mini, or have just one expansion slot and the same people think the Mac Pro is too expensive and over-kill. Thats not what macs are really for, however. They are not for the Tim Allen build-it-yourself types and make it look like a Honda Civic complete with glowing cables and 10 non-working USB/Firewire/SD card reader ports on a PCI slot. Macs area an eco-sytem, and while I do believe Apple will include better graphics cards, they might also include small room for expansion down the road. However, we will never see an xMac.

    As such, I'm not sure you should be posting until you've been able to resolve this inner conflict.
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