Where Should I Go In Ireland?

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I may be going to London for a few months towards the end of the year for a working holiday. Travelling around some parts of Britain and Ireland, Spain (not France)... Ireland fascinates me, so if a certain shamrock-seller on these forums, for example, could suggest places to me, that would be cool.

Interested in Celtic culture, Pagan (not necessarily just Wiccan) stuff.

Scotland definitely too, though I would be freezing my ass off, I imagine. Though London is pretty damn cold at the end of the year.

I will trying w0rky t3h Apple jobs. Heh. More on this idea at a later stage, perhaps.

Yes, in all seriousness, the only English dialect I have ever known to be "proper" English is the Queen's. Though nobody cares about proper English nowadays.


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    I don't sell shamrocks, but I spent a summer in England/Ireland once. The western side of the island is starkly beautiful. Bicycled around the west coast of Ireland from Cork City up to the North. The winters, well, the gulf stream will keep Galway Bay warmer than it would otherwise be, but its still going to be winter. Still, I'd retire there if they'd have me.

    There is Celtic history and artifacts, to be sure, but obviously much of the written history will be from after the time of Patrick.

    Some the more touristy things we saw that I'd recommend are (in no particular order): Ring of Kerry, Gap of Dunloe, Poulnabrone Dolmen, Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands (and Doolin!!!), Dingle, Ross Castle, even Croagh Patrick if you are so inclined. If you get to the North: Giant's Causeway. Every town, village and hamlet has several pubs (though some will only be open in the summer), do your best to spend your evenings there or wherever you hear music wafting out.

    I'll stand aside and let the expert give you more useful information.
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    Thanks. I have a working holiday visa to UK (UK only, not Rep. Of Ireland). Considering my options. Apple UK just announced they are starting to hire for the Belfast official Apple Store (first in Ireland AFAIK) in the new Victoria Square thingy.
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