Question about both NVidea and ATI on Mac Pro-Under VMWare

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I posted earlier about if I can use both a Nvidea 8800 GT and an ATI Radeon 2600 XT with my new Mac Pro. Currently it just has an ATI card and it seems like it'll work fine. The other question I have though, how will this work under VMWare? I have a Linux virtual machine but most of all I use a Windows XP Virtual Machine. Will there be a conflict between the two video cards when I use Windows XP? If so, I won't even need the ATI as much when I'm on Windows XP. Is it possible to disable that and just use the NVidea card while using Windows?


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    The system should use whatever card the display is attached to, and disable the other automatically. However, the computer can only use one card at a time (barring the multiple 2600's solution) and therefore the secondary card will be disabled. So whichever card you boot the Mac into, is the card Fusion will use.

    However, it seems pointless, considering VMWare Fusion doesn't have good enough 3D support to make the 8800 worth it. If you plan on any kind of high-end gaming on this machine, you'll want Boot Camp, I guarantee.
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