Why apple has screwed itself

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Apple needed to inc. speed today. Earnings and the hopeful future forecast come out for apple and the others in the next several weeks. Multimedia and developers as our studio is, are not pleased with some new imac. We need speed for rendering. You may say who cares, so we will now be buying our dells with 400 mhz buses and have Visual C++ and Direct X to make our games with. You may say who cares but the developing software isnt cross platform which is why les and less game software will be coming out for macs.


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    MWSF focused on consumer products, and for these products, speed is not everything. The new iMacs are fast enough for virtually any consumer, for doing audio or video editing. The new iBook lineup rounds out Apple's laptops to be the best in the industry.

    Soon both the Apollo G4 and the G5 will be here. The Apollo G4 will be aimed at the Titanium and the iMac, while the G5 will be aimed at users like you, who need the most speed they can get. Apple has not forgotten about users like you, they've merely had an expo that focused on a different market segment. The next Apple event will focus on the Powermacs, we know that for sure.

    So why not give Apple a chance, instead of blowing all that money on new Wintel software when new G5s are just around the corner? If the G5s are as fast as rumored, they will mop the floor with you Wintel!
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