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Which style keyboard would you prefer the next iteration of the MBP to have? I personally like the separated key style.


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    Definitely the newer, Separated Style, especially the black backlit one
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,669member
    The newer keyboard's are 1000% better. No comparison. Actually surprised Apple didn't add the new Air keyboard to the new MacBook Pros. Quite surprised. They feel much better and I'm personally am much quicker on them.
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    i like the old.
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    I much prefer the newer style as well.
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    I'm indifferent. Whenever the MBP's get a full design change, undoubtably we'll see the new style keyboards, but the one thing I love about the new design, especially with the standalones, is that they've brought laptop-style responsiveness, short-travel distances, and good tactile feedback to Mac keyboards. (I despised the previous generations of Apple keyboards for their lack of the above three points)

    I don't find the old or new style particularly different. As a MBP user who also owns two of the new style keyboards (one for the MBP at home, one for the ThinkPad at work), they all feel about the same to me. At first, the new keyboards had a slight learning curve, but only because the separation between the keys made it harder to be lazy while typing. (I caught myself on more than one occasion at first hitting empty space near a key instead of the key itself) Not a huge problem though and a credit to the keyboard for improving my typing accuracy across all keyboards.
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