Hunch : BBC have the SDK

in iPhone edited January 2014
My hunch is that the BBC are working on an App, similar to the YouTube App, to allow the BBC iPlayer to stream TV shows to iPhone/iTouch (fantastic!) via WiFi. My bet is the BBC already have the holy grail of the SDK, and that iPlayer will be one of the first apps released for a UK audience. This will be a winner also for iTouch users as there is free access for everyone to BBC sites via the public access Cloud WiFi hotspots in the UK (as well as the free access all iPhone users get in the UK via the O2 contract).

The BBC have said it will be available very soon. See links below.,00.htm


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    They already had an itunes BBC launch last week and eventually yes they will launch an iplayer type app on iphone. I was told this at BBC Showcase on Monday.
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