deleting Multiple Mail

in iPhone edited January 2014
Yes l've gone and bought a iphone, and yes its FAB, however little things let it down.

Is it possible to delete Multiple Mail in the inbox?

The other silly question is l know it as a 2 mega pixel camera but why cant that be increased through firmware? after all the lens does not have to change.

Silly l know but someone must have the answer.


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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
    select, delete, select, delete.....

    i always figured "megapixels" was a hardware thing, not software. maybe i'm wrong.
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    The number of pixels it captures is limited by the image sensor, so firmware wouldn't help.
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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    And the image quality is limited by the lens. No sense in having a high res' image if it's high res' blurry image.
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    i guess i don't understand the griping about the camera on the iphone. the optics are far better than any other phone i've used. of course i've only had my own limited set of phones, but i've had some pretty expensive smart phones and none of them has taken as good photos as the iphone.
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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
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