Daddy's bought a Imac

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Daddy's bought a lmac cool! can we go on paint please

no Paint.

Daddy can we go on Pinball then?

no Pinball.

Daddy can we go on Messenger then?

no messenger.

So Daddy what do we get for £1200?

No virus's

No crashing

No WinDoze

no big silly box



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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    I think you can get pinball and "paint" and IMs. I'm no expert.
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    £1200? (I assume sterling)

    VAT and tariffs sure do suck. Then again, I don't know which model you purchased.
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    There are plenty of great painting programs available for the Mac.

    Might try Seashore. It's free. I use it to create images of sufficient quality to publish professionally as is.

    Pinball... I don't play games like that so I can't help you.
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    You could try Paintbrush, which is free. You can also go to Version Tracker and look for software.

    My experience with getting software for the Mac is that you download it from the developer site and purchase a license key that you use to unlock/activate the application. The only software I have purchased physical disks for are Mac OS X 10.4, iLife, iWork, and Reunion.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Get a Wacom Bamboo tablet and you get to actually *paint* something properly with OS X freeware or included Corel Painter Essentials.

    LOL MSPaint. Retro man, retro.
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    Tell her to play chess =]
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