"Prepared for Shipping"

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I ordered a refurbished Macbook Wednesday night. I got the confirmation email soon after and the status was "Prepared for Shipping" and its been like that as of me typing this.

I've heard of people's orders for new unreleased products being "Prepared for Shipping" until the product is released, but this is a refurb, shouldn't it just have been sitting around and shipped out right away?

I wouldn't be this anal about it, but I have to have it by March 6th (I'll be going away for a bit). The customer service rep told me before buying it that I should have it no later than the 5th, but seeing how it hasn't even shipped yet I'm doubting it comes even by the 6th.

Has anyone else gone through something like this? Any advice?


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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    Chill out man. Don't worry about it so much. You think Apple's not going to ship it?
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    I got a call from my credit card company today, they thought the charge was fraudulent and were holding it from going through.

    I told them its fine, now I just hope it can be shipped out today.
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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    They probably couldn't figure out who would buy a used computer from Apple.
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