o2 charges for calls after tariff change on 1/2/2008

in iPhone edited January 2014
When o2 changed its iphone tariffs I jumped like most people from the old £45 tariff to the new £35 tariff and put on an unlimited text bolt on.... seemed like a good package.

I have just checked my o2 online bill to see that I am now being charged for voice calls. A call to o2 billing was met with a woman arguing with me that I was on the old iphone tariff and that I have gone over my allowance. I explained that I was on the new £35 tariff but she wouldnt have it. As luck happens I had an email they sent me confirming my change to the new tariff and the when the new allowance would start.

They agreed to credit me the overspend but no sorry, just would you like to buy a bolt on....

Anyone who changed tariff pop online and check your online bill, before you get your bill...
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