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OK - I would buy an Apple TV today if it could DVDs or even better play Blue Ray.

Also, how about having the mini support HD rentals and Blue Ray as well?


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    I want a DVR in the next Apple TV
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    azcoderazcoder Posts: 44member
    Originally Posted by MacBookAir77 View Post

    I want a DVR in the next Apple TV

    Yes -I like that your idea... add both an HD DVR and BlueRay dvd player to the Apple TV for $499. I'm in.
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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,174member
    Good luck on getting all that for $499…!
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    shouldnt this be in the Apple TV forum?
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    ajayajay Posts: 117member
    while we're on appleTV, a few questions:

    (a) any chance of support for DivX 3-6, mkv, .iso dvd files?

    (b) any chance of higher capacity hard drives i.e. >300GB?

    (c) any chance of plug-&-play support for external hard-drive with media files in them?
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,428member
    Man I swear we get these threads every other week.

    DVR- Not going to happen people. Apple doesn't want you recording shows they want you downloading shows.

    Blu-ray- Not going to happen folks for the same reasons above with the addition that Blu-ray makes the ATV more expensive than it has to be.

    If you want a DVR or Blu-ray buy a standalone because you're NOT getting it from Apple in a consumer device anytime soon. Neither feature generates any revenue for Apple beyond the sale of the unit itself (which is already low margin)

    Hey personally I'd LOVE to see both features in a future version but where the rubber meets the road is Revenue/Profit.
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    gugygugy Posts: 794member
    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post

    Man I swear we get these threads every other week.

    so true.
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    I would bet a lot of money that apple is going to do this next. What else can they do to upadte the pple tv? Just add more space.. so i bet they are going to add a DVR. I would get rid of my Tivo and use my Apple TV.. when i get one
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
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