Mixing wireless network protocols

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I'm planning on buying a Time Capsule, and hopefully later this year a Mini... Now assuming they upgrade the spec of the Mini to .11n, what I want to know is: Will the Mini be able to communicate with Time Machine at .11n speeds even if my router and other computers on the network are .11g? Which things do I need to upgrade so as to take advantage of .11n speeds?



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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 281member
    In order to run at the full N bandwidth, your router & all macs have to talk N exclusively. Everything has to be N or forget it. Running dual mode kills the benefits of having the newer spec. You will have to do one of the quicker tek upgrades: http://quickertek.com/
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    jowie74jowie74 Posts: 540member
    Interesting you say that - I asked on Apple's discussions board and this was the response:


    It is a misconception an entire wireless network which supports both "n" as well as "b/g" clients will force "n" clients permanently down to "b/g" speeds if a "b/g" client joins the network. There will be some decrease in performance from a purely "n" wireless network, but not as bad as you might think.

    Does anyone have an official line on the whole .11n/g/b thing?

    I have considered getting one of those .11n upgrades for the MacBook, but not until I have enough other .11n equipment to make it worthwhile.
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