Official new yahoo settings break iPhone access?

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Last week I received an email from yahoo announcing that they've completed server upgrades and that changes to mail settings are required.

After confirming the info on yahoo's web site, I changed my settings and was happy to see everything working properly. Heck, I was extra impressed that the preferences window has a clickable hypertext link at the bottom that takes you straight to a yahoo help page.

But a few minutes after the next iPhone/Mac sync, I look at my iPhone and realize that it is now broken for yahoo mail access:

Originally Posted by iPhone

Cannot Get Mail "" doesn't support TLS (SSL) on port 143. Please check your account settings and try again.

I'm sure I can work through the settings and get it fixed this evening when I have some free time. But Yahoo certainly hasn't been impressing me lately. I also tried out their new web-mail interface again recently. Upon switching back to the classic web-mail interface, settings for the classic interface had been lost.

Morale of the story? Don't fix what isn't broken.

Originally Posted by "Yahoo! Mail" <[email protected]>

Important Notice About Your Yahoo! Mail Plus Account

Dear Yahoo! Mail Plus user,

We have important news for Yahoo! Mail Plus subscribers who are

currently using our "POP" feature to send messages via external

email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express,

Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. (also called "SMTP access"). If you are

accessing your Yahoo! Mail Plus exclusively through our Web

interface, this message does not apply to you.

Recently, we saw an unexpected increase in traffic through the

servers dedicated to sending Yahoo! Mail Plus POP/SMTP messages. As a

result, some users have experienced varying delays in the delivery of

Yahoo! Mail messages sent via external email clients. We understand

that this has been frustrating, and sincerely apologize for the


What Has Changed?

We have recently installed new servers to improve the performance of

Yahoo! Mail Plus SMTP access. We have spent the last several days

upgrading our hardware and restructuring the allocation of bandwidth

for these servers. We are confident these changes will resolve the

recent problems and increase our system's reliability.

Because of these improvements, the settings for your outgoing mail

server (SMTP) should change.

What Do I Need to Do?

To ensure that your email client is properly configured to access the

new outgoing mail servers (SMTP), please follow these brief steps:

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account

2. Go to "Mail Options" --> "POP access" --> "View POP settings"

3. Review the updated settings in "POP Access Settings"

4. If needed, set your email client to the new server:

Or follow these detailed instructions to update your Mail Plus SMTP


Please check the Yahoo! Mail Blog for frequent updates on

this and many other Yahoo! Mail topics.

We deeply value and appreciate your continued business.

Thank you,

John Kremer

Vice President, Yahoo! Mail

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