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<a href="http://www.yourdailymac.com"; target="_blank">Your Daily Mac</a> -- which just seems to be full of fanciful stories about MWSF this week -- is predicting we'll see a blutooth[sic] keyboard and mouse in January. Apparently this will not only work with new Macs, but will also work with old Macs that have integrated Aiport antennas.

Can someone with a working knowledge of this stuff explain to me why this couldn't happen?


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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    Well Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard hat everybody has been talking about. Unlike Airport, i.e Ethernet 802.11x (a,b,g) it's not mainly intened for networking but as a wireless serial port, an AirUSB if you want. Thus I wonder how Apple wants to add BLuetooth capability to macs that dont have any blueooth receiver built in. The antenna is nice to have, but it won't make any use of teh bluetooth signals coming in, apart from noise for the Airport network. Also I doubt that they made a software translation from Airport to Bluetooth signalling. If anything, you'll have to install an auxillary unit via USB or internally instead of the Airport card in order to be able to use the keyboard and mouse.

    also I'm not a fan of wireless tech at all, we already have an overdose of electromagnetic waves every day, I really don't need my Mac to produce more of that...

    Wait and see, see and learn, learn and judge...

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    Waves-schmaves...I really don't need to put batteries in my keyboard and mouse every month.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    [quote]Originally posted by Michael Grey:

    <strong>Waves-schmaves...I really don't need to put batteries in my keyboard and mouse every month.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    That was my thinking before I got my wireless optical mouse, but it really isn't that bad and the batteries last longer than a month for me.
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    I don't know how much battery RF uses vs. IR (in Keyboards) but I've been using an IR based wireless keyboard 5 days a week/8hrs a day for just over 2 years now and haven't changed the batteries yet.

    As for having wireless on my home Mac... I could care less... Apple into-ing that feature would be less than impressive...

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