the facts ------ be patient (or maybe watch an end to an era)

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I agree I think the newest imac and the soon to come pm's are worth the wait. I can't understand how anyone could be disappointed in the imac. It has more headroom in performance than any machine I've owned to date and I've been designing graphics on them for years. Video and games are another issue but clearly, the imac boasts more raw power than the beige g3's. My Beige pm rocks and lasted me 3 years. The imac is a consumer device bottom line. This leads one to believe that an updated pm g5 is soon on the way. I agree that apple not only wants to sell it's inventory of g4 pm's but it also wants to sell imacs to otherwise "disappointed" pm buyers. Think about it, would anyone even consider buying an imac knowing that a g5 is due within 3 months, doubtful.

As far as I'm concerned so long as the new machines sport a 1.4 - 2 ghz. processor, ddr ram and a 300+ mhz bus then they've sufficiently closed the gap and I'm buying my new machine. With that said however if they can't keep pace with comparable pc's then they'll lose their momentum and customers including myself. Unfortunately professionals cannot sacrifice performance for a brand name nor even great software.(Possibly Apple needs to be reminded but I don't think so, they know we're wasting our time discussing these issues daily)

From where I?m at, (recently graduated film student former photographer/ designer) and from what I know for certain about the technology (where apple is and what they want to replace (avid) they have to make significant upgrades to their current systems. They will. If you look at their recent acquisitions replacing low-end avid (less than $20,000 us) systems is exactly what they want to accomplish. Hell there are even rumors circulating around Hollywood that apple has made and is continuing to discuss/ negotiate an avid buy out.

Even if it's not true point is public speculation is such that apple is venturing into new ground. First they replaced the Silicon Graphics machine of the eighties and nineties soon their cpu's will replace tens of thousands of dollars of analog video "processors/converters".

It seems right. Apple has bought out more than a few companies including film logic and is promising (hell courting) their high end users, promising that they will replace many low end broadcast video and film editing systems with significantly less expensive and more capable towers (from 50k down to and average 15k $ us) not too shabby. Without serious changes to their hardware they cannot do that. I highly doubt that is a point they would overlook. If they have, then they will fail and within a year we?ll all know the truth.
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