Macbook Battery issues

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My Macbook is 2 years old but recently has taken to shutting itself off even with more than 50% battery available. If I then start it up again it isn't long before it shuts itself off once more. What's wrong?


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    I had to buy a new one after 2 years and it acted weird at the end. It was like $136 and it works like a champ now. I thought my macbook was unable to charge any battery, new or old and the genius bar at the store confirmed. However one day it started working again and I threw a new battery in and it has been fine ever since.
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    mines doing that right now, i think the battery is just getting worn out, but that is my guess because I've had mine about just as long as you. I'm not going to get a new batter because I plan on upgrading to a MBP soon anways
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