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I had 3 hours. 3 hours between flights in SFO. I rented a car (thanks Hertz) and drove like a Formula 1 driver down 101 south to 85 S to 280. I got off and pulled into Apple campus 13 minutes before the Company Store closed (at 5:30) I hastily bough my worship materials (about $180 in clothes, plus a mug, plus a notebook, plus a keychain). I got the guy at the register to pose for a picture. He game me a free poster from the back room. (vintage 2003!)

I circled the Building taking pictures of everything again and again. Windows, curbcuts, the street signs, fellow tourists. Eventually the Apple Ninja's in small white SUVs began giving me the look. I took my queue and left. I saw about a dozen people camped out with cameras (mostly looked like Japanese toursists).

I sat in a nearby parking lot for 30 mins drinking a soda waiting for Mercades to drive by. After a while I gave up and drove as fast as traffic would allow and barely made my flight. Total cost of expedition $270 (for car, gas, souviners and soda).

Today I saw the video of somoene stalking Steve on the freeway on the fakesteve site.

Question to my peers. Have you ever visited Apple? Did you feel like a spy? Did you try to buy things that weren't for sale? (like name badges etc?) Did you get chased by security? Would you try to stalk Steve also?

All in all.. it was a totally sweet trip. Today, my flight will have a 2 hour layover. I'd be taking a gamble.. but it mght be worth another couple hundred to feed the need to be near the oracle.

Anyone feel like visiting who is in the SFO/SJC area?


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    eaieai Posts: 417member

    but it mght be worth another couple hundred to feed the need to be near the oracle.

    Haha, thought you said you wanted to be near Oracle.

    That would make you kinda sad.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    Woz... is that you?
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    No, but I just visited the Lehigh Valley Apple Store, and I did notice that customers felt the need to talk to other random customers to fully express their love of Apple products.
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    Today I have 4 hours. That's a long time to try and avoid the little white security trucks.
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    i would love to get a tour of apple
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